Everyone loves ice cream, but a lot more love wine. 

We bridged the gap between the two. 

Born and raised on Long Island, NY since 2012, Frosae Wine Sorbae has become the most delicious and sophisticated twist on classic sorbet in the food and beverage industry. With a combination of sweet wine from Long Island's Wine Country and cool, refreshing sorbet flavors - Frosae can be served at any occasion (and all are gluten-free!).

How did we develop Frosae Wine Sorbet?

One spoonful at a time. 


The makers of Frosae Wine Sorbae are as unique as the
product.  Four entrepreneurs came together on their very first
taste of Frosae.  Each knew that they had something very
special on their spoons and in their futures.  On their second
spoonful, they realized Frosae would become a popular
boutique dessert and a wildly successful corporation.

Frosae President Ben Amato is giving out the spoons, at least digitally. His domain is at the cutting edge of technology, utilizing the latest hardware and software to tackle the challenges of business. The ever changing world of communication is
where his talents lie, with web design, reporting and media graphics being his strengths. The taste, texture and pure goodness of Frosae Wine Sorbae will sell itself, but like any other new product, you have to get it on the world's plate before they can
enjoy it. Marketing, the Internet and all forms of Social Media will spread the word, with Ben leading the Greek Chorus to sing Frosae's praises.

Neil Koenig is a man of focus when it comes to spreadsheets and the bottom line. His experience on Wall Street and his family's heritage honed his skills at organization and finance. The collegiate athletic field is where his aggressiveness and
competitive spirit first offered him the sweet taste of victory. From those achievements came his drive to always go after and gain the gold. Diligence, thoroughness and professionalism are the tools Neil brings to work every day. What he delivers is Frosae to every smiling face that asks for it.

John Pastore has spent most his lifetime creating, selling and marketing desserts, with both franchise and independent businesses. This extensive background makes him the premier mix master when it comes to developing Frosae. His acclaim puts him at the cutting edge of new frozen and non-frozen desserts. Just as Frosae is a blend of fine ingredients, so too is John; a blend of creativity, experience, traditional values and good old common sense.

Joseph Gagliano, at a very early age, learned the difference between yellow and gold.  This ability to pick a diamond out of the rough is evidenced by his decades of success in a wide range of careers. Visionary is a term often used but rarely deserved.  
In Joseph's case this label more than applies. His years in real estate, entertainment, development, importing, manufacturing and public education make him a 21st Century Renaissance Man, schooled by experience and excellence. With all that  behind him, he sees Frosae as his pinnacle, a product so revolutionary that it will change the culinary landscape.

These four men united to bring Frosae on to the global stage. This will be no small task, for now that the world is introduced to Frosae Wine Sorbae, the real challenge is for them to keep up with the demand.